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Science Riddles

In  this section a riddle will be posted every Friday. You can send your answer to the following address
Anyone who answers a riddle will be announced  a riddle master and will automatically receive a bonus. 

Please paraphrase your answer and site your resource using the APA Style.
Make sure your answers are short.

Note: If the the resource is not properly sited the answer will be disregarded.
Below you will find the proper way of citing your website.

BibliographyŚWebsites (APA 5th)

Authors: Beck, C. A., Hanson, M. A. & Sales, B. D. [Hanging indent]

[If no author is named, place the title of the document in the author position]

Date of publication: (2001, September 27). [If no date, use: (n.d.).]

Title or description of document: Sea is a toxic soup, warn Greenpeace [In italics]

Date of retrieval: February 12, 2002, [The date you accessed the document]

Address: [Full address]

Riddle One( posted 0n October 25, 2010)

Giraffes have tough tongues. How would that be helpful to them?
The giraffe's tongue is thick to help it sort out the nutritious leaves from the harmful thorns.
                                                                                                                Amal Moumneh-2nd C
Authors: Giraffe- The Facts
Date of publication: ( n.d)
Title or description of document: Giraffe- The Facts
Date of retrieval: February 3, 2011

Grade 6 C

Grade 6 D


Grade 7 C

Grade 7 D

Amal Moumneh
Ghida Hamiyeh
Sarah Khatib

Riddle Two( posted 0n February 6, 2011)
Caesar used to put a wreath on his head. Which leaves did he use to make his wreath? What is the name of the the tree he used in Arabic?

Julius Caesar used leaves known as bay or laurel leaves to make his wreath. The name of the tree that he took the leaves from is laurel tree also known as ( Ghar, شجرة الغار) in Arabic.


Authors: (n.d). 
Date of publication: (2011, February 8)

Title or description of document: Wreath Crowns

Date of retrieval: February 8, 2011.   

Ghida Hamiyeh

2nd C

Riddle Masters

Grade 6 C

Grade 6 D


Grade 7 C

Grade 7 D

Amal Moumneh
Ghida Hamiyeh
Sarah Khatib

Riddle Three( posted 0n February 14, 2011)
Find the Arabic names of the following wild Lebanese trees:

Hawthorn:  زعرور

Maple:  قيقب

Juniper Tree: لبان،حوز

Plane Tree: دلب

Storax: لزاب

Strawberry Tree: قطلب

Hiba Choucair 2nd C



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